Next Session Begins September13, 2016    - Zodiac Parade Corps   Director - Phyllis Romano  ph 574-276-5779

We follow the closings of the Mishawaka City Government
 E mails and texts will be sent in the event of a cancellation of class

Please arrive a few minutes early for lessons. 
 Be prepared to have fun and be a team member

Bring a water bottle for hydration
only water will be allowed in the area
What to Wear
a t shirt or tank top, yoga pants or shorts ,long hair pulled back into a bun or pony tail no jewelry of any kind including friendship bracelets post style earrings are an exception 
Only gym shoes or " insteps" are allowed in class for shoes including during the summer months

All lessons are planned to include each participant  that has registered for the session. Therefore if an absence is  unavoidable please call your coach at the Zodiac Parade Corps Phone Number and leave a message. All of your team mates are counting on you being there. This includes
 in the event of a decision to separate from the corps. 

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