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Baton Twirling
 Fun and Fitness

Battell Community Center  Mishawaka IN
 to register

Parent orientation will be held at the first lesson and batons are to be ordered at that time for baton twirling lessons


Lesson Times are 

Poms , Tuesday 4:30 -5:45 

Adult Twirling 7:30-8:30 

Baton twirling 1 Thursday 5:45-6:00 baton twirling one is for all beginners. 

Baton Twirling 2 is for graduates of baton twirling 1 as designated by the coach

 Attending Summer Camp Is Always Fun

Everyone loves a parade and highlighting the parade with sparkle and glitz is the majorette.
Every little girl wants to be one, dazzle the crowds with your friends. If you have ever wanted to be in a parade join us and share in the excitement and fun 
be part of the travel team and more.
 It's a sport, it is an art, it is an all around all year activity
 Honor  Guard and Pom pons sections are also a great part of the corps.

Zodiac Parade   Corps Mission
is to promote the sport of baton twirling by offering affordable quality instruction to all interested individuals, keeping all necessary participant expenses to a minimum and to be an asset to developmental goals of the individuals participating 

A  year round sport that develops  and  and grows along with the participants  a wonderful partnership of skills and life lessons friendships and more for both parents and children 
We never stop learning and growing


 New students are always welcome

An ongoing progressive adventure that will get you moving and making 
new friends. Part of an award winning parade corps that performs and 
competes throughout Michiana. 

Honor Guard
Ages six and up 

A great opportunity for siblings to get involved
Alternating Thursdays beginning the
first and third Thursday of the month at 4:00

Baton Twirling 1

4:45-6:00 pm
 All beginners and all ages
 this class will get you started then graduate to the next  class level 
graduation is based on the individuals skill level achieved

Baton twirling 2
6:00-7:30 pm 
 beginners who have graduated 
from baton twirling 1 

 Ongoing classes 
provide the opportunities to perform in parades and events 
Children in
Baton Twirling  2 will learn routines and prepare for performances with a
parade corps and a team

Batons can be purchased from the instructor

Baton Twirling
 Fun and Fitness


 Register At Battell Community Center
Celebrating   over Twenty Years
The Michiana Community


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